Advanced Camera and Lighting

WEEK 6  -  6/20/18  Homework Assignment

Read in Musings "The 5 Senses of a Shot". Be thinking about something you might like to test in class before the end of the semester.

Next week we'll be meeting in the post hall for another Da Vinci Resolve session with Thomas. After this class we will be half way through the semester!


WEEK 5   -  Class notes

All present.

Started with a quiz. Then, a Keynote on storyboarding and pre-visualization with accompanying videos was presented. Then we practiced operating and focus pulling from a Dana Dolly. And finally, we did pullbacks on a butt dolly that may be a better choice than trying to walk backwards.


WEEK 4  -  6/6/2018 - Class notes

All present.

We had an amazing session with Thomas as he presented a dizzying array of visual possibilities made possible by the Da Vinci Resolve grading system. Like any new and complicated application we must take small bites at first as we familiarize ourselves with any new software. 

REMEMBER - I'm giving a quiz on 6/13 and then we'll review storyboards and previz. Our lab will be about operating - and then we'll demo color gels versus changing color temperature. Make sure you complete the homework reading assignment listed below.


WEEK 4   6/6/2018 - Homework Assignment

Read the articles on Storyboarding and Camera Operating (4).The next class will be with Thomas Gast in Mix A. Our first QUIZ will be June 13th covering what we've talked about this semester thus far.


WEEK 3  5/30/18 - Class Notes

All present.

Class began with a walk around of a set built on Stage A for the purposes of filming 2 short daylight scenes from Erika's acting class. The set had two windows which motivated the source for the lighting. 3 "tweenies" were placed on top of the set walls to augment the daylight and two 2K blondes were pounding through the actual windows. The fill/ambient front light source was a 4x4 bead board hit with 750 watt Leko. Little change was made to this setup over the course of all of the coverage.

Before the set was struck, I demonstrated three new possibilities for filming "two shots". Thanks for helping with striking the set!

After striking the  set we discussed "framing terms" and then got into a powerpoint on prep. Examples were seen from Salem and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Finished with a short tutorial about "Handy Rigs" simple do it yourself tricks for camera movement for small camera's.

We also viewed "Grip it Good" a tutorial about grip stuff.


WEEK 3    5/30/18 - Homework Assignment   

Read "PREP"  +  "FRAMING TERMS"  +  "WHY SHOOT A GRAY CARD?"  (from Musings)

I'll be handing out a copy of the framing terms collage in class.

Bring kit and gloves.


WEEK 2    5/23/18 - Class Notes

All present.

We reviewed the purpose of why we highlight scripts and highlighted two scene descriptions from "Keep the Faith". 

Spoke briefly about the inverse square law and how big lamps cover a much larger area before "falling off".

Viewed "Let There Be Light" and then had a "soft light" demo - featuring bead board and roscoflex bounce surfaces with and w/o diffusion. Also looked at a china ball, kino flo and the "vargo" box illuminated by a leko ellipsoidal lamp.

Lastly, we set up a "skip" bounce with and w/o a diffusion frame.

Began the discussion about the virtue of shooting a grey card and colorchart at the head of each scene. More to come on that soon.

Class participation is a big deal to me and more importantly,  to your grade.

Remember  -  sometimes it's better to ride "Dish Rag" rather than "Tornado". Trust me.


WEEK 1    5/16/18

Review as many F3 films as possible in Mix A.

Next weeks class will be on Stage A - bring gloves and tool kit. Don't forget to bring 3 different colored highlighters.

HOMEWORK for class (5/23) - read the following articles from the MUSINGS section of this site:

"Highlighting Scripts"  +   "Selznick on Menzies"

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