WEEK 6 - 6/20/18  Homework Assignment

Read in Musings - "What's the Temperature of your White Balance"?  + "Testing". Also, start thinking about what you would like to test that may be relevant to your thesis film. This weeks lab we'll shoot a diffusion filter test + mess around with colored gels versus changing color temperature in the camera.

WEEK 5   - Class Notes

A very busy morning indeed. First a green screen FG shoot for elements that will be matted into the Lake Ella (Chocolat) background plates. Next, we shot a scene from "Being John Malkovitch" using Stage A as the set.

WEEK 5   - 6/13/18  Homework Assignment

Design and draw a lighting plot for the green screen shoot for the 6/13 class. I must say I was a bit surprised about last weeks missed homework assignment. Don't let that happen again because next time it will effect your final grade.

WEEK 4   - Class Notes

Shot BG Plates at Lake Ella for a scene from "Chocolat". Viewed "4 Great Knots" and then learned how to tie them.

WEEK 4  -  6/6/18   Homework Assignment

Scout Lake Ella (morning) and pick a spot that best works as a backlit BG Plate for a green screen FG element featuring two people on a dock.

WEEK 3   -  5/30/18    Class Notes

A very busy day for us! We lit, blocked and filmed two scenes from Erika's acting class. The simple 3 walled set was lit for Day. We had an issue with a monitor due to a faulty connector. We were without a 25mm lens because it would not focus properly. I thought the exercise was a huge success and I was pleased with everyones effort.

WEEK 3   -  5/30/18    No Homework

WEEK 2    -  5/23/18    Class Notes

Viewed "A Tale of Two Meters" and "Handy Rigs".

We discussed the necessity of a thorough scout and then visited the lobby and front entrance of the film school. By using a sun path app and compass, we determined when the best time to shoot would be and spotted some camera positions and discussed lighting options for the lobby.

Then we got into how to calibrate your meters in a pinch on your own by referring to histograms in the camera or in photoshop.

We also kicked some ideas around about future lab exercises -

Brady - proper green screen techniques.

Millie - creating and controlling ambience.

Scott - lighting techniques.

WEEK 1   -  5/16/18   Class Notes

Reviewed the syllabus and then started the conversation about gray cards and color charts 

Shot a gray card and color chart on the head of our roll and then photographed a tutorial about sound "presence" with Kaycee.

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May, 2018