MFA 1 5519

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WEEK 1 -  Review of the syllabus. Introduction to the RED menu's. Began a discussion of exposure, shutter speed, shutter angle, ISO, Color Temperature. Quick homework assignment for the class to watch videos regarding the RED menu's.

Homework Assignment: Watch "A Tale of Two Meters" + "Let There be Light" at


WEEK 2 - (class) Watched "Let There be Light" + "A Tale of Two Meters" and then did a thorough review of the material covered in the week one lecture and labs. (labs) Began with a review of all of the factors that necessitate an exposure compensation. Then a lecture about the properties of light, color and exposure. Introduced an incident and spot meter and took some readings, shot some exposure and depth of field tests.

Homework Assignment for 9/11: Watch "Grip it Good" and "4 Great Knots" and read "Grip Lighting" in the Musing section of the website. Study for quiz on Tuesday.

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August, 2018