The last month has been crazy and I apologize for not updating my site more frequently. I've been in LA getting my hours as an operator on NCIS and SILICON VALLEY which I DP'd the last day of their season. I like both productions very much and had a nice time in Los Angeles.

"Lighting with Fire" Watch it in the "Videos" section of this website.

It's an interesting video that I struggled with at times because there isn't a heck of a lot to tell about shooting with fire. Fire and candles are dim and you need fast lenses and high ISO's to be successful. Having shot 3 seasons of a 17th century period piece taught me that I wished there was electricity around in 1690. Our sets were hot and smoky and a bit one dimensional as far as the lighting was concerned. I'm very proud of the look of SALEM and can say without hesitation that I'm very good at lighting with fire.

I will try to be more timely in my updates and promise you that my site means a lot to me and I know I can do better in spite of my current circumstance.

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