Film Quiz

Recently, I taught two levels of Cinematography at our local University. I handed this questionnaire out on the first day of class to gauge the knowledge of the class and to see if I had to adjust my syllabus for the semester. I didn’t expect too much from the students in the “Beginning” cinematography class though some of them did fairly well. I was most interested in the answers from the “Advanced” class and they actually didn’t do much better than the younger group… take the quiz to see how you compare to students in film school!

2011 Fall Semester - Vargo

What does "shallow" depth of field mean?

What is an F-Stop?

Does adjusting the F-Stop affect depth of field? Yes or No

Which F-Stop provides more light transmission? f2.8 or f5.6

Which F-Stop provides greater depth of field? f2.8 or f5.6

Which lens provides you with a greater Field of View?
21mm or 75mm

Which lens will "Compress"" an image more?
17.5mm or 50mm

Flange depth is the distance between the film plane and
rear element of the lens? True or False

Changing shutter speed requires exposure compensation? True or False

Name three techniques for moving a camera during a shot:

What frame rate is "Sound Speed"? (circle one) 18fps 30fps 24fps 60fps

To achieve "Slow Motion" the camera runs at a higher speed? True or False

5600 degrees is the average color temperature of daylight. True or False

What is the average color temperature of an incandescent light bulb?
(circle one) 4000 7200 3200 5000 8350

Name one way to change color temperature:

ASA or ISO relates to the "Speed" of a film emulsion? True or False.

You would choose "Faster" film for low light filming? True or False

A secondary color is created by combining two primary colors? True or False

Red + Green = Yellow True or False

Is Yellow a secondary color? Yes or No

Give one reason for using a green or a blue screen:

What does 1:85 mean?

What is an anamorphic lens?

What does "Blocking" a scene mean?

Define Director of Photography:

As a DP - what is most important in designing the look of a movie?
(circle one) Location - Screenplay - Director

What would be your specialty as a Cinematographer? (ok to choose more than one)

Feature Film - Documentary - TV Series - Experimental - Advertising -

Music Video - Industrial - New Media - Technical - Educational

What is YOUR experience? (circle each of the following items you have participated in):

shot on film - 16mm/35mm - loaded a film mag - shot on HD - pulled focus for someone

operated a camera - lit an interior scene - filmed a night exterior - directed any project

shot a green screen element - edited in final cut - read a screenplay - written a screenplay

acted in a production - drawn a storyboard - visited a film lab- watched a telecine session

color timed a film print - visited a Hollywood film set - worked/visited Los Angeles
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