film quiz answers

What does "shallow" depth of field mean?
The distance between what’s in focus and soft is very short.

What is an F-Stop?
Is one of many iris settings on a lens that effects the transmission of light.

Does adjusting the F-Stop affect depth of field? Yes or No yes

Which F-Stop provides more light transmission? f2.8 or f5.6 f2.8

Which F-Stop provides greater depth of field? f2.8 or f5.6 f5.6

Which lens provides you with a greater Field of View?
21mm or 75mm 21mm

Which lens will "Compress"" an image more?
17.5mm or 50mm 50mm

Flange depth is the distance between the film plane and
rear element of the lens? True or False true

Changing shutter speed requires exposure compensation?
True or False true

Name three techniques for moving a camera during a shot:
dolly, steadicam, slider, crane, handheld, cablecam, camera car, helicopter

What frame rate is "Sound Speed"?

(circle one) 18fps 30fps 24fps 60fps 24fps

To achieve "Slow Motion" the camera runs at a higher speed?
True or False true

5600 degrees is the average color temperature of daylight.
True or False true

What is the average color temperature of an incandescent light bulb?
(circle one) 4000 7200 3200 5000 8350 3200

Name one way to change color temperature:

add a filter, gel the lightsource.

ASA or ISO relates to the "Speed" of a film emulsion?
True or False. true

You would choose "Faster" film for low light filming?
True or False true

A secondary color is created by combining two primary colors?
True or False true

Red + Green = Yellow
True or False true

Is Yellow a secondary color? Yes or No yes

Give one reason for using a green or a blue screen:
Composite a space ship over a planet. Matte an actor into
a dangerous situation or into a distant local.

What does 1:85 mean?
Is an aspect ratio that defines the viewing screen for the audience.
The rectangle is 1:85 wide to 1:0 in height.

What is an anamorphic lens?
A lense that squeezes the original negative only to be stretched with another
lense in projection. This will render a “wide screen” experience pioneered by
Panavision in the 50’s.

What does "Blocking" a scene mean?
Blocking is the movement or staging of the action the actors will perform during
the course of a scene.

Define Director of Photography:
The head of the photographic department for all kinds of production. They are in charge of interpreting the script through lighting, lense choice, camera movement and composition.

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