Make a chair dolly for under $100

You can build a “CHAIR DOLLY” for under $100

Some people call them “BUTT DOLLIES" but I don’t like that term – just GOOGLE it and see for yourself! Yikes.

In the current age of handheld coverage – a new tool is now in wide use. It’s a chair dolly and is used for quick, low angle camera adjustments while seated with the camera on your shoulder. We used these frequently on SALEM with great success! You can buy one for around $800 if you want – but check out the one I just put together for under $100.

It consists of a:

1. Fishing Boat Seat from Bass Pro Shops - $29.97

2. Fishing Boat Seat Adjustable Riser from Bass Pro Shops - $32.90

3. DOWN UNDER Plant Caddy - $30.99

4. Four Thru bolts, washers and nuts – less than $5.00

This chair works very well - but it has hard wheels and they are a bit noisy. I'm going to change out the hard wheels with some soft skate wheels that I found at COOLCASTERS. So - for an additional $75 I’ll have a big time chair dolly at a very reasonable price.

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