My New Gig - winter 2014

I’m excited to be a part of the camera crew for a new dramatic TV series entitled SALEM. The show takes place in 17th century New England, (Shreveport, Louisiana) actually, and draws it’s drama and conflict from the notorious witch trials that took place during this time in American history. This in no way is a historically accurate depiction. Rather, just a wonderful backdrop for some excellent writing for a cable television audience.

I have never worked on an episodic series and I am excited by what I have experienced thus far. I am bound by confidentiality agreements so I cannot say much more than this at the moment. I will say that the network has high hopes for the production and hope that audiences these days are ready for some hardcore wickedness, evil and intrigue. Sounds like a normal day on a movie set to me!

Hope you enjoy the show – look for it in the spring on WGN.


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