Operator Guidelines

I handed this out to my gang of operators for the pilot, "Secrets of the Heart" - a concert show featuring legendary singer/songwriters.

Camera Operator Guidelines

Welcome to “Secrets Of The Heart”!

This memo represents some of my musings regarding the look and feel of this TV Pilot.
Try to watch the promotional DVD. It conveys the feel, (but not the lighting) of our project very well.

I’m thinking the operating style should be more along traditional lines. Good composition, modern headroom and no shaky cam. Frame for 16x9.

Try to hold each shot for at least 30 – 60 seconds unless told otherwise. This is not a fast paced piece. If it’s a good shot stick with it. If you don’t hear from me I probably like it. This is a marathon not a sprint. The music may suggest a quicker pace and we will deal with this possibility if it happens. You’ll know it when I do.

I will be watching 6 images and might make some minor correction to one or more shots at a time, so listen carefully. No two operators have the same name and that is a good thing. I don’t want more than 2 camera’s resetting at any given time.

I fully expect cameras to see each other every now and then, Do your best to re-frame so that we don’t see each other throughout an entire shot.

This is a project that will play better tighter, so if you are doubting the effectiveness of a shot, tighter will be the better side to err on.

With the exception of the high camera and the handheld camera, try to keep your shots in motion. I like passing fore ground elements so look for those. Movement is Good!

We will have a rehearsal and then a review after each performance so we should/will get better with each segment. A major reset of the camera’s is not out of the question.

I fully expect to roll the Technocrane around. Steadicam and Handheld cameras are un-tethered so you two have the run of the theatre – have fun with thinking of fun places to roam.The person with the best idea always wins with me, so speak up in between segments. However, let’s try to keep the chatter to a minimum during the show.

There will be a protocol for reloading….info to follow.

I would like the camera utility people to shoot behind the scenes mini-dv footage.

I’m pretty much a film guy, so this technical directing is new to me. Be patient and let me work it out in my time. Please appreciate the fact that the director will be talking to me throughout the performance. This is huge for him, so he will always get more attention than you guys. But then you knew that already! Let’s have some fun!

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