SYLLABUS - MTA - 255 - Cinematography I

Welcome! Our class is designed to introduce the participants to the process of photographing a narrative feature film as the Cinematographer. Prep, Principle Photography and Post-Production are the universal milestones for all kinds of productions. And so, though this class is feature film centric; the concepts we'll cover this semester are applicable to a variety of professional photographic ventures. The goal of this class is to prepare you for a future as a Cinematographer! We will explore the following topics in depth:


-Introduction - Defining the role of the Cinematographer.
-Turning words into pictures - Breaking down the SCREENPLAY you will shoot.
-Sources of Inspiration and Research - Formulating the Look of your project.
-Storyboards and Pre-visualization.
-Budgeting and Scheduling.
-Choosing a Camera System and the Aspect Ratio.
-Collaborating with the Production Designer.
-Scouting Locations - Planning for the position of the Sun and Shadows.
-Shooting tests - Makeup, Hair and Lighting looks.
-Shot listing - Quantifying a scene.
-Establishing your relationship with the Lab and Post House.


-Metering- The Grey Card and the Zone System - Incident vs. Reflective metering.
-Choosing the Appropriate Lens - Wide vs. Telephoto
-Managing Focus Creatively - Depth of Field
-Frame Rates and Shutter Speeds
-Filters- Technical and Creative filter choices.
-Operating the Camera - Composing, Panning and Tilting
-Supporting your Director
-Shooting out of Sequence
-Rehearsals and Blocking.
-The Key Grip - Tools for Supporting and Moving the Camera and the art of Flagging.
-Exterior Photography
-The Gaffer - a manager of Light and Electricity.
-The Inverse Square Law
-Lighting Instruments - what system best supports the Look of your project.
-Interior Photography - Sets vs. Location


-Dailies and working with your Colorist - The Digital Intermediate vs. the Interpositive.
-Inserts and Additional Photography.

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