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Go Black and White!

Next time you are working on a picture in Photoshop, check out
the red, green and blue channels. I think you'll be amazed at
the dramatic differences between each color and its specific
tonality. And - without filters! When black and white panchromatic
film was invented (sensitive to all color wavelengths)
color filtration for black and white photography was born. Ansel
Adams took this picture in my neck of the woods in 1942. How
many zones can you find in his exposure?

UPDATE 7/21: Passed 25 thousand views of "Blue Screen 1980"
Thanks to all of you for making this video such a success MV

To Germany

Ich bin schrecklich traurig durch die jüngsten Ereignisse in Ihrem Land,
meine Gebete und Bewunderung für die Deutsch Menschen kennt keine
Grenzen.Schlagen diese Sache jetzt.