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Wait for a cloud

If you're shooting a scene that requires a gloomy feel
and it is a partly cloudy day, wait for a cloud. This slight
delay drives directors and production crazy but thats too
bad. It is your job to fight for the look of the project so stick
to your guns and don't cave!


Dark Walls

The color of your set walls can say a lot about the mood of
your story. This season on Salem, my goal was to create a
visual pall or a more somber feel for the show. In pre-production,
the art department painted almost every set wall two shades darker
and added a bit of ageing. The burned out church is a great example
of how dark walls create a foreboding feel. Combine dark walls with
puritan black costumes and you can't say that's a happy look. Same
goes with day exterior. Now you know why I always hoped for cloudy
weather while shooting in the village.

Hey New Delhi, India! "Apanee sait par jaakar ke lie bahut dhanyavaad!"