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Reserve some Light

When lighting a set, try to use bigger lamps so you can scrim
them down while achieving your look. If you or the director
decide to change frame rates or shutter angles, you'll be able
to get more light by pulling those scrims for the additional
exposure needed. Otherwise, you'll have to pull out larger
instruments which is time consuming and possibly embarrasing.


Day Interior

Here is Camera Operator, Allen Easton - Dolly Grip, Dave Easley
and Focus Puller, Bryan DeLorenzo. We are shooting in the "Throne
Room" for a day interior scene. Notice that the camera has our 11:1
zoom lens on. It is not a particularly fast lens - T 2.8 (but don't believe
that - T 3.5 at best) We have this lens on for an extreme close-up on
the eyes of our lead actress, Janet Montgomery. On day interiors I
try to light for the speed of our slow zooms because that can save a lot
of time by not having to change prime lenses constantly.